Episode 41: Vulnerability as an acting strength

Episode 41: Vulnerability as an acting strength

People sometimes think that vulnerability is a weakness but nothing could be further from the truth in acting. For actors this can be a very powerful emotional connection. In this podcast Brian discusses the strength of vulnerability with a look at why being vulnerable is not a weakness when it comes to acting – but the exact opposite. With tips and guidance based on Brian’s own experience, and a real-life example of a show of vulnerability that touched the world, Brian explains how being your true self can seriously hone your acting.

7 things you will learn about:

• Vulnerability – Strength or Weakness?

• The importance of vulnerability in acting

• Emotional connection: The Andy Murray example

• Bringing vulnerability into your acting: Touching the audience

• How background, culture and family can hold back your acting

• Breaking out of your conditioning: The Method

• Your authentic self: Why you need to take off the social mask

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