Episode 40: Fame – good or bad?

Episode 40: Fame – good or bad?

Taking a look at some of the positive and negative aspects of fame, with tips and insights based on Rob’s and Brian’s own personal experiences and anecdotes from some of the acting greats. Discussing issues such as, coping with the loss of privacy, relishing in fame versus becoming a recluse, and the pitfalls to avoid to ensure you enjoy your moment of fame.

9 things you will learn about:

• Fame: A dazzling adventure – or a life destroyer?

• The “clamping jaws of fame” – and how to escape them

• Facing up to loss of self & loss of privacy

• Coping techniques: Adapt, embrace – or become a recluse?

• Tips from the Greats: How Marilyn Monroe could “turn it off”.

• The pitfalls: Working to maintain your fame versus producing good work

• Anonymity versus Promotion – Which way should you go?

• The right balance: A look at De Niro’s approach

• The “hangers-on” – How to sort the authentic from the fame-seekers

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