Episode 39: The best way to learn lines

Episode 39: The best way to learn lines

Chatting about the all-important topic of learning lines, with tips and advice based on Brian’s and Rob’s own experiences – from why it’s not as easy as it looks, to the different techniques and approaches used, through to the importance of understanding the hidden script.

9 things you will learn about:

• Learning lines: Not as easy as it looks

• Why you shouldn’t learn lines when you’re learning lines

• Making it real – Tapping into your unconscious mind

• Tips from the greats – What’s Anthony Hopkins’ trick?

• Why it’s important to let the script breathe

• Getting down to the basics: Doing it line by line

• When and how to use associative memory

• The role of subtext: Getting to grips with the hidden script

• Graft: The importance of putting in the hours

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