Episode 38: The art of acting

Episode 38: The art of acting

Delving into a bit of culture as Brian and Joe discuss the artistry side of acting – from Picasso and Rembrandt to Al Pacino and Shakespeare, they look at how you can seriously hone your acting craft by immersing yourself in the art world.

9 things you will learn about:

• The artistry side of acting – What’s it all about?

• How Picasso and Rembrandt can help you hone your craft

• Why acting is the most personal of all the art forms – and what that means for you

• Lessons from the greats – Al Pacino on Jackson Pollock

• The importance of the thought process: Why it is never just a meal

• Great writers: What do EastEnders and Shakespeare have in common?

• How immersing yourself in the art world will benefit your acting career

• Actors as artists: Bringing colour to a script

• The importance of exposing yourself to a variety of artists

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