Episode 37: The realities of working on a comedy

Episode 37: The realities of working on a comedy

Delving into the comedy side of acting, with tips and guidance based on the approaches of some of the comedy greats, as well as Brian’s and Joe’s own personal experiences. From the role of characterisation and polarization, to successfully applying the Method to your comedy acting, you’ll learn how to keep your audience laughing all the way home!

7 things you will learn about:

• Comedy versus Drama – The differences and similarities in approach

• Characterisation & Polarization: Insights from the classics

• Turning problems & issues into comedy: “No conflict, No drama”

• The serious stuff: Comedy versus Drama in the Oscar stakes

• Applying the Method to comedy – Lessons from the Greats

• Sitcoms – How do they make it look so easy?

• Making ’em laugh: The role of heightened emotion in comedy

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