Episode 35: The death of classical stage acting training

Episode 35: The death of classical stage acting training

Delving into the topic of classical versus contemporary acting, from the old days of Restorative and Repertory theatre to today’s on-screen/online culture, with tips and insights to help you choose the right acting training so that you’re fully equipped and ready to hit the screens!

9 things you will learn about:

• Classical versus Modern – Screen versus Theatre: What’s it all about?

• Classical acting training: The way to go – or elitist and outdated?

• The best approach: The importance of screen performance training first

• How Screen has taken over the world – More than just movies

• How The Method teaches what is actually needed in today’s industry

• The vital role of convincing, in-depth performance

• What the industry wants vs. what’s being taught in some schools – Misalignment?

• What does EastEnders have in common with Shakespeare plays?

• The modern-day approach: How today’s acting greats bring contemporary to classic

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