Episode 30: Acting Q&A with Brian Timoney

Episode 30: Acting Q&A with Brian Timoney

Looking at some of the questions sent in by listeners, giving tips and guidance based on Brian’s and Joe’s own personal experiences – from advice for someone who’s keen to start acting, to the differences between theatre and film acting, and gauging your performance to get it spot on.

9 things you will learn about:

• The best place to start – screen or theatre?

• The constants: Preparation, knowledge & working on your character

• Adapting your approach based on your audience

• Gauging your performance: The role of distance

• Fine-tuning your instrument: Subtlety versus larger expression

• Range of expression: Projecting out versus internalising

• The importance of real and believable acting

• The role of hard work: Learning your craft properly

• Becoming an actor: Why you should take the jump… today.

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