Episode 29: Outshining star names

Episode 29: Outshining star names

Chatting about a dilemma frequently faced by new actors: how to gauge their fellow actors’ egos to make sure they play it right; with tips and guidance based on Brian’s and Joe’s own experiences, they explain the importance of adapting your acting approach as you move up through the ranks – and of enjoying the ride as you get to shine more and more!

8 things you will learn about:

• How to handle the ‘I don’t want my light shining less than yours’ situation

• Actors’ egos: Gauging it correctly and adapting your approach

• Finding the balance: The casting director’s perspective

• Knowing when to be a supporting artist, rather than a star

• Pecking order: Dealing with the part you’ve got

• Moving up through the ranks: Gaining the trust of actors and producers

• When jobs are few and far between: Learning to rein it in

• The importance of enjoying the ride: No need to shine all the time

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