Episode 16: Acting Boob Jobs

Episode 16: Acting Boob Jobs

Delving into some of those moments when you wish the ground would open up and swallow you – with tips, guidance (and lots of laughs!) based on Brian’s and Rob’s personal mishaps – from coping with fluffing your lines, to helping out fellow actors, through to turning a bad situation into a positive one

8 things you will learn about:

• How to cope with fluffing those lines: Sending up an “acting flare”

• Being professional: Helping fellow actors in trouble

• Getting back on track: ‘Where am I right now?’

• Turning a negative into a positive: Redirecting your energy

• Watch those props: Some dos and don’ts

• Mishaps and mayhem – All part and parcel of acting

• What not to put on your CV

• Why your “worst acting moments” are not such a bad thing

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