Deadly Acting Sin #7

Being an audience pleaser.

Now, you may be thinking that that’s what you should be doing as an actor, pleasing the audience.

Well, this is a very counterintuitive sin.

You see if you are worried consciously or unconsciously about being good. Then your acting will always be at a surface level. This more than any other sin kills off good acting.

It’s also a tough one to overcome because we humans are hard-wired to want to be accepted and liked. For an actor, this the case a million times fold because they go in front of large audiences to get acceptance of their work.

Of course, it doesn’t need to be a large audience; it can be one or two people watching, and that will be enough. For example, actors going to auditions want to get the job so much that they walk in the door desperately wanting to please the director or casting director.

The problem starts way before auditions and performances. It begins in the acting class. Student actors want to impress their acting teacher and fellow students. They want to please them.

You must have a reliable technique to overcome this. If you don’t your work will always be about you, the actor, and not the character. Even if you are unconsciously (many are) wanting to please it will destroy your acting. This is why it’s a complicated issue to overcome.

From the very first minute of working with my students, I start work on this idea of overcoming their need to please. I have highly effective acting tools that achieve this, and it means that they never, for the rest of their career, need to worry about if their acting is being affected by the need to please.

If you are ready to address this, then you need to apply, audition and win your place on the Ultimate Acting Programme.

Brian Timoney
The Master Of The Method