Deadly Acting Sin #5


This sin is a philosophical one, but one that needs discussing because when this insidious sin enters the psyche, it destroys everything in its path, including acting talent.

When I was starting out as an actor, I shared a house with four other actors.

All began well. We all got on, and we would go down the pub at the weekend and talk about our auditions and acting work.

But then I started to notice a rivalry. One of the guys got an excellent theatre job, and one of the other guys found this hard to take.

He started to bitch and moan to the other housemates.

“How the hell did he get that job. I’m a better actor. I should have got that. Where the hell was my agent.”

Then auditions would come up for him, but he carried with him this bitterness and resentment which was picked up on and guess what it became harder to get work. I would also assume that his acting deteriorated. It’s hard to act well when you are bitter and angry.

Anyway, this sad state of affairs ended in a row one night and the guy with the good theatre job left.

That guy was me. So you see, I’ve experienced the destructive force of envy first hand.

Here is the thing. Never compare yourself to other actors and just become the best actor you can be. Continually improve your acting instrument, make it strong. Someone else’s success doesn’t mean your failure. Focus on your Life’s Task. You can’t control who gets what job, but you can control how good you become and the level of dedication you bring. That, in the end, is what will bring success.

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Brian Timoney
The Master Of The Method