Deadly Acting Sin #2

Deadly Acting Sin #2, which is capable of killing off your acting ability quicker than saying, Martin Scorsese.

So what is it? Drum roll…outside-in characterisation.

Many an actor will read the play, come to some logical conclusions about the character and try and play those aspects.

For example, they think the character is impulsive and aggressive, so they start to play the role like that.

The problem with this is that it’s an outside-in approach. Some argue that starting on the outside of the character is best and then work your way into them. I don’t believe this works at all. Outside-in approaches never get ‘in’. They stay on the outside.

Approaches, on the other hand, that start on the inside of the character, always make it to the outside. So, you see, merely reading the script and coming to some logical conclusions is an outside-in approach. It always fails to touch the depths and soul of the character.

The method has always been famous for its in-depth inside-out approach, but here is an interesting fact for you. There was a man who went even further than that. His inside-out approach was so deep it had multi-layers of transformation.

His name was Vakhtangov, a Russian actor, director and teacher from the early 1900s. He did a production where he not only got the actors to transform once from actor to character but created a subplot for additional transformation.

He was directing a play where the actors were performing a Commedia dell’arte play, and he got the actors to work on the idea they were an acting troupe from Italy, from the 16th century, performing a Commedia dell’arte play. This produced a multi-layer inside-out transformation. Not only were they Russian actors, but they also became Italian actors, and then they performed the play.

This is deep, inside-out transformation. It’s 100% authentic and deeply immersive. It’s why I have researched this profound, inside-out transformation and incorporated it into my approach – Timoney Method.

It’s more method, than method.

All part and parcel of the Ultimate Acting Programme.