Before Bradley Cooper made it as an actor, he worked as a doorman at

Morgans Hotel in New York.

Part of his job was to light candles just inside the door before guests walked in. Each time a guest walked in, the wind would blow them out, so he had to light them all again.

Rinse. Lather. Repeat.

He carried a lot of matches and lit hundreds of candles.

Bradley had taken out a $70,000 loan to pay for his acting tuition. He had just started at acting school. So, the doorman job helped keep the wolf from the door.

Can you imagine how he must have felt? Having to open doors all through the night for a pittance, dreaming of the day he could leave all this behind and be a film actor.

Then one night, as he rushed to light all the candles again he saw a special guest in the foyer. It was Leonardo DiCaprio. Leo had just become a big star at the time after the release of Titanic.

Bradley was called over to take Leo’s bags to his room. He took the bags and walked with Leo to the lift, then to his room. He said that it was a long walk.

He wanted to turn to him and say, “Hey man, I’m an actor too. I’m studying right now and working as a doorman, but one day I would like to be in movies just like you.”

He didn’t though. He said it would have sounded ridiculous, so he quietly walked in silence with Leo to his room and said goodnight.

Although they were worlds apart at the time, they did have one thing in common. They are both method actors.

As you may know, Method Acting is used by Hollywood’s acting elite including

Daniel Day-Lewis, Bradley Cooper, Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie Pitt and Scarlett Johansson, to name a few. In fact, 80% of Best Actor Oscar winners since the year 2000 are method actors.

Bradley studied method acting hard and years later it paid off and he no longer had to open doors and light candles. In fact, people do that for him now.

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