How Many Showreels Should You Have?

  If you’re serious about being a professional actor you presumably have your showreel sorted. But is one enough? Unless you are only applying for lots of very similar parts, your showreel is likely having to cover a lot of … Read More


movie auditions

Movie Auditions: How Do They Work?

  As an actor starting out, you probably have at least some experience of auditioning – whether that’s gaining a place on an acting course or landing smaller roles for one-off jobs, advertisements or as an ‘extra’. But how do you … Read More


Relaxation Techniques

5 Relaxation Techniques for Method Actors

  Method acting is all about performing a role with depth and total believability. When you begin using The Method, it won’t be long before you start to understand what it really means to ‘become’ the character you’re playing. There … Read More


learning to take direction

Learning to Take Direction

  It’s one of the most important qualities you should have as an actor. No, not talent or a busy acting CV. It’s the ability to listen, and take direction. All the talent in the world cannot save you once … Read More