Brian Timoney teaching his students.
Brian Timoney teaching his students.

I am originally from Glasgow in Scotland. I was born in Stophill Hospital on 20th September 1971 and named Brian Timoney.

I went to Auchinairn Primary School in Bishopbriggs near Glasgow and then later moved to a place called Larkhall in Lanarkshire, Scotland.

I can’t say I was born into an acting dynasty. My mother and father were hairdressers. My father was also called Brian Timoney. The only entertainment-related thing that existed in the family was the fact that my father could play guitar, which he later taught me. It was actually through music that I found my way to acting. I played guitar in rock bands as a teenager and I went for some singing lessons to improve my singing in the band. My singing teacher also directed some amateur dramatics and she eventually talked me into my first stage performance as an actor.

I have to say I was smitten after my first experience on stage. I had a sense of being in the right place. After that I said to myself, ‘Mr Brian Timoney, you have to become an actor. It’s your destiny.’ I then moved from Scotland to London and trained to become an actor.

As an actor, I worked in all the mediums – TV, film, theatre and radio. I loved them all. After working as an actor for some time, I decided to specialise in Method Acting and trained with the late David Bennett.

After David’s death, I decided to set up my own acting studio teaching The Method, called Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio.

I have since taught hundreds of actors The Method. I get my biggest thrill from teaching people who work in nine-to-five jobs to become successful professional actors.

Something I have missed out about my own journey was that I began my working life in a bank. It was soul-destroying for me, and it was clear I was not suited to it. I did do it for about three years because I thought it was the right thing at the time – but soon found my true calling.

This is part of the reason I now like working with people who are in that situation. There is nothing worse than living your life watching the clock and counting the days till Friday. There is an immense sense of satisfaction knowing that you played a part in helping change a person’s life direction as well as making them an actor.