hermione-norrisWith Special Guest, award winning actor Hermione Norris (Cold Feet, Spooks, In the Club, Wire in the Blood and Bouquet of Barbed Wire to name a few)

Friday 30 January – Sunday 1 February 2015, Central London



This Boot Camp serves as a fantastic introduction to Method Acting. It’s ideal for those with little or no acting experience who want to become confident and highly creative professional actors

This course is the opportunity to understand and implement the acting approach used by the world’s leading film actors such as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, Angelina Jolie, Meryl Streep, Denzel Washington and Ed Norton. The course is lead by a world leading expert on Method Acting, Brian Timoney (as seen on the BBC). Brian and his specialist coaches will take you through the technique in detail, using various exercises and techniques developed by Lee Strasberg (inventor of The Method), which you then put into practice using scenes and improvisations. This is an exciting and intensive three day exploration of the technique. Brian will also tell you the absolute truth about the acting industry and what it takes to make it. The course’s theme is BELIEVABILITY. The team will show you how not to fake emotions and experiences – but recreate them for real – on demand.

The course will also allow you to:

  • Get in touch with your inner emotions to portray highly charged roles.
  • Develop in-depth believable characters.
  • Use Method improvisation to bring excitement and unpredictability to your work.
  • Analyse a script to bring out the hidden and unusual elements.
  • Create unique physicality for your characters.
  • Physically and mentally relax to overcome nerves.
  • Create emotion on-demand.
  • Stimulate your belief in where the action takes place.
  • Create the illusion of a close relationship with an actor you’ve just met.
  • Use the given circumstances as a force within the scene.
  • Release your creative voice.

Technique Areas covered include:

  • Affective memory – sense and emotional memory
  • Physical and mental relaxation
  • Scene work
  • Character development
  • Script analysis
  • Method improvisation

Award winning actor session

Hermione Norris
Hermione Norris

One of Britain’s finest actors, Hermione Norris, star of Cold Feet, Spooks, In the Club, Wire in the Blood and Bouquet of Barbed Wire to name a few, will be coming to Boot Camp.

Hermione has graced our screens for the last 20 years and has become something of a national treasure.

She will be popping in to give a talk on her career and her experience within the acting industry.

This is a unique opportunity to hear first hand from an award-winning actor who is at the top of her game, how she works and operates within the industry.

The Boot Camp, in and of itself is amazing, but with Hermione coming along it will be incredible!

BC-March apply

Dates and times

Friday 30 January – Sunday 1 February 2015, 10am- 5pm


ISTD2, 346 Old Street, London, EC1V 9NQ.


£545. Payment is required by debit or credit card.


A £50 application fee is required to assess your application. If you are unsuccessful, your application fee is refunded. If you are successful, the balance of £495 is required within 48 hours. You have 7 days from the day after applying to cancel and receive a full refund. If the course is within this 7 day period, the cancellation period ends when the course starts. **Please note that not everyone who applies gains entry, so careful thought over your application will improve your chances**

Who should attend?

The Boot Camp is suitable for those with little or no acting experience aged 18+ who want to act professionally. **Please note this course is not for those who are ‘dabbling’ in acting – it’s for those serious about becoming a professional actor**

What should I bring?

A notebook and pen, water, and wear flat shoes and clothes that are easy to move around in

Hotels, directions and transport

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We Guarantee Our Course

Guaranteed apply

 I’ve just completed Brian Timoney’s Introduction to Method Acting Boot Camp – and, my word, it was literally the best weekend I’ve ever had in my life. So many things to do – it was so intense and we were pushed so hard – but when we got the results, it just felt absolutely incredible. It was life-changing and I just wish it could just go on for ever and ever! And to all of you out there who are watching this, who are on his website, I urge you just to fill in that application form and just go for it because you’re not going to regret it – trust me!

Lauren Willis, London

After several conversations I had with friends (Actors) in the past I’ve heard very good things about Brian Timoney and I thought I would give the classes a try. The whole three days of the course I had with Brian was very professional and the method acting classes have giving me so much within the three days time. I learnt so many techniques and methods regarding the characters, audition techniques and lots more. I am very pleased that I had the classes with Brian and I am willing to attend even more advanced classes in near future.

Shezai Fejzo, Harrow

I would like to take this opportunity to again thank Brian for such an amazing and liberating weekend. Before I did the bootcamp I was seriously considering giving up acting, which I now believe is due to my lack of passion with the techniques I was using. They were beneficial body and voice techniques but deep down I know and definitely agree with Brian that they are just not enough to create great acting. I want people to believe what I am doing/ feeling/ who I am playing and I know if I train with The Method I will get to that place! I feel as if I have found my path again, one that I was steered off years ago by well-meaning tutors. I have heard many a tutor banging on about training and I never felt much enthusiasm for it, but now I most certainly do! I actually believe that I can get somewhere with this training.

I would happily recommend anybody to join Brian’s course as he is an excellent teacher and such an inspiration. I hope to work again Please tell Brian thank you – thank you for re-igniting my passion for acting with his Method training. I am at last on the right path and know deep in my soul that this is what I NEED to do with my life!

I would happily recommend anybody to join Brian’s course as he is an excellent teacher and such an inspiration. I hope to work again with him in the future.

Louise Turton, London SW20

I was preparing myself to write you an e-mail with all of the best words that truly come from my heart about the course and the great experience you gave me and to the whole group. I must emphasise that it was the best course I have ever been to and the most challenging as well, in my entire life. I learnt a lot and I see life different now.

This is for those who would like to do the course:

If you would like to be an actor and you are looking for the right training course….and you come across Mr. Brian Timoney’s courses, my advice is… stop there… you are lucky, in fact, very lucky! Start your course! I believe I achieved more than I expected and I saw everything happening… fact a few times I even cried, couldn’t help it!

It was brilliant and I am proud to have decided to do it. I would like to continue with it as it is for my best and you only get one chance.

If any of your future students would like to call me in order to speak about the course please give them my number or my e-mail.

I can’t wait to see you and hopefully to take part in your next course.

Thank you so much.

Olsi Meneri, Watford, Herts

Just wanted to drop an email to once again thank Brian and the Team for such a fantastic weekend – you were all amazing.

How mind-blowing it was and how revealing and powerful.

Chris Kerry

“Amazing is just not enough to describe this journey! It was the best experience I’ve had so far! Bloody brilliant!!!!! Going to miss the interaction and a lot more of course!!!”

Mariana Panayotonacou

“An amazing, inspiring and electrifying experience! Great people, great trainers, I want to say thank you and really felt like Feb 15th 2013 was day one of something very special to come =)”

Wayne Marlton

“I survived Boot Camp! What a mind-blowing experience! It’s really not what I imagined but was so much more. If you’re reading this message and haven’t been but want to, what ya waiting for??

Your take more away from this than you expect. In fact I would truly say it’s a life-changing experience. If I feel like that after three days, then what would it be like if longer? We were all in the same boat; didn’t matter if you had experience or not. It’s time to WAKE UP – I’ve been flat-lining for a very long time. I’ve existed and functioned, but this has totally made me look at life differently. The start of a new journey… I’ve got something to get up and be excited about – and guess what? No one can take that away! What’s life all about anyway…?

You’re not just going to experience some great people teaching and coaching you, but you’re going to meet some absolutely amazing people – I really mean that. Going to miss ya all tomorrow!

PS: If anyone gets the Boot Camp blues, ya know where I am. X”

Suzanne Kelt

A fantastic experience. Brian and all the others were amazing teachers. An amazing ride.”

Stephen Waterworth

“Yay!! Just finished the Method Acting Boot Camp and met some amazing people. It’s a shame we all have parted ways and the amazing experience is over but hopefully we all keep in touch!”

Terrie Phillip

“Just got back home and I am missing Boot Camp – a great experience and an awesome weekend. I learned so much in these last three days and met some great people. Thank you.”

Laura Haynes

I wanted to say a great big thank you to you, Brian, Natalie, Hazel, Robbie & Portia for the absolutely fabulous Boot Camp experience. The entire three days were such an amazing experience for me – allowing me realise my desires, emotions, capabilities and my true self. The Boot Camp for me, was the door that opened, to lead me on the right path in terms of my future happiness. The team liberated me and have given me the courage to seriously plan the rest of my life. I’m going for it!!! Acting is the way forward for me. Without the Boot Camp experience, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to progress with acting. I’ve been armed with some great tools to help me take that leap. Thanks so much once again. I hope to continue the Brian Timoney training experience by being selected to attend the Ultimate Acting Programme, and I look forward to the possibility of meeting you, and meeting Brian and the team again. If however, I am not so fortunate to be selected, I would like to wish you all the very best for the future – I wish you all joy and success.

My sincere thanks and appreciation.

Cathie Pearce

I just wanted to send you all a message to thank you for the fabulous experience I had during the bootcamp last weekend. I must admit that on Friday when I first arrived, I did wander whether I had made the right decision. By Sunday, I was sad to have to leave. It was the best experience of my entire life, teaching me not only great acting techniques but also what I am capable of and I now know without a single doubt in my mind that I am going to become an actress. Leaving the course, I felt liberated. Having found my true self, the course has left me feeling fulfilled. Thank you for the skills you have taught me – though I know this is just the beginning. I have a burning desire to learn more about method acting and would love the opportunity to do so with your guidance. I have applied for the Ultimate Acting Programme and hope to be considered and have the chance to work with your amazing team again in the future. With great thanks to you all,

Elinor Davies

Like anyone, I went into the course with doubts as to whether this was going to benefit me or not. However, the end result left me feeling excited, motivated, confident and very reassured about the art of Method Acting. Brian is clearly in his element with the Method Acting technique. His calm approach to helping you improve scenes, movement and dialogue is very effective. I felt that my rehearsed scenes just got better and better with Brian pushing me in the right direction. During my time there I met a lot of great personalities…where we all shared the same passion which made the working environment very relaxed and enjoyable.

I recommend that if anyone is given the opportunity to take part in the Boot Camp…GRAB IT! You will not be disappointed.

Ricky Sharma

Hi, my name’s Damien Thomas, and I came on the Introduction to Method Acting Boot Camp to see whether or not this is something I’d like to pursue in the future – and I can say I’ve had the most amazing time this weekend. It’s been a roller coaster ride of emotions. It’s been absolutely phenomenal! Brian and Joe are brilliant. The rest of the class were fantastic – and I highly recommend this to anybody who wants to kick-start their acting career.

Damien Thomas

Hi, I’m Travis Coffmann, and I’m one of the students on the Brian Timoney Actor’s Studio for the three-day course – and it was absolutely amazing! Held at the 3 Mills Studio in London – and I’m just here to let everyone know that it’s an amazing course for anybody who’s serious about acting. So if you’ve have lots of experience or very little experience, this is the course for you. If you’re looking for longevity and you’re looking for characters that are meaningful and powerful and you believe in, and that are believable to any casting director or producer director, then this is the course is for you. There is now doubt about it. Do not put it off. I didn’t put it off – when I first found out about Brian Timoney’s Actors’ Studio, I thought, “Yes! I need to be here.” So I’ve just come to say, definitely – awesome course! Brian Timoney and his team – everybody; the teachers, Brian himself – and all of those exercises, it’s just absolutely outstanding and I am just bubbling with excitement to move forward in my career. So definitely join the Brian Timoney Actors’ Studio.

Travis Coffmann

Hello, my name is Thomas. I’ve just had the best three days I think I’ve had in a very, very long time, at Brian Timoney’s three-day Boot Camp. I actually have a degree and a master’s degree, and I studied “The Method” – but it’s one thing studying it and it’s another thing actually doing it. So for all those people who are, I don’t know, milling around in their bedrooms constantly thinking, “Oh, I want to be an actor; I just, I don’t know – it’s for all those people who have talent, or those people who have loads of money and got helped out – people who know…” Come here. Come here and sort it out. Because it can happen. It’s in you – and just don’t doubt yourself anymore. Thank you.

Thomas Casson

Hi, I’m Sarah Molkenthin and I’ve just finished Brian Timoney’s Method Acting Boot Camp – and it was one of the best things I could have ever done. It’s been an emotional roller coaster – ups, downs – and I experienced things that I didn’t think I’d experience; emotions that I didn’t think would come to the surface like that – and I surprised myself. Yeah, so all I can say is just go for it! You’ll have a fantastic time!

Sarah Molkenthin

Hi, my name is Mylene. I just finished a three-day Boot Camp with Brian Timoney. I didn’t really know what to expect when I came here; I was not really sure of what I wanted to do and everything. But it was really an eye-opening experience; really kind of like the people, the energy is like something you can’t really expect. So really, if you are thinking about doing it, you should come and join. And hopefully now I will move on to the one-year course. Thank you.

Mylene Tissi

Hi, I’m Kristine, from Norway, and I just finished the three-day Boot Camp, and I’m overwhelmed. I’ve had so much fun – these last three days feels like it’s been, I don’t know, two weeks! I’ve learned a lot, I’ve met a lot of people in this very short time. I recommend this for anyone who is up for something new – anything. I had no experience going into this and it has changed my direction completely. I’m going back to where I came from to change it all, basically, yeah. It’s been a lot of fun.

Kristine Alnes

Hi, my name’s Katherine and I’ve just completed the Brian Timoney three-day Acting Course. And I was blown away. It was absolutely even more than I expected. Can’t recommend it enough – it was absolutely fantastic. Great bunch of people and, yes, it just shattered every illusion that I had about the course – and I highly recommend it. I’m hoping to do the one-year course.

Katherine Slocombe

Hi, my name is Arabella. I’ve just completed Brian’s three-day Boot Camp Acting Course. It was phenomenal. Had the most amazing time, met some fantastic people. Brian was amazing. The coaches were just, oh, they just blew me away. I’ve learned so much from these three days, and, yeah, I hope to do the one-year course if I’m lucky enough. And, yeah, if you’re watching this, definitely do it!

Arabella Redford

Hi, my name’s Michael and I’ve just come out of the three-day – it was an acting course, yeah, that’s right! – the three-day Method Acting Boot Camp. And I just, yeah, like everyone, I’m absolutely buzzing. I’ve done small acting things before but nothing like this. I mean, you know, to have everybody in the class completely explore it; everybody is just… you feel this crazy bond and everybody’s just gone on the journey for the past three days. I wouldn’t even describe it like a course – it’s more like a life experience and something I’ll never forget. It was great!

Michael Grocholsky

Hi, my name is Lincoln Jason Samuel. I’ve just done a three-day Boot Camp with Brian Timoney’s School of Acting. I highly recommend it. It’s brought a lot of things to me that I never understood before – in acting and even in my own personal life. I’ve drawn an awful lot from it and I highly recommend it. I’ve made a lot of new friends – and, yes, I think if you’re considering doing it, you should do it.

Lincoln Samuel

Hello, my name’s Laura Masterson. I’ve just completed the three-day Boot Camp with Brian Timoney. I found it an emotional roller coaster. It took me to places where I didn’t realise I could go to. I thoroughly enjoyed it. I haven’t studied The Method before and I’m really, really, really glad that I came to do the course – and I’m considering doing… well, I’ve applied to do the one-year course and I hope I get through to that.

Laura Masterson

Hi, my name is Emma Sullivan, and I’ve been on a three-day course with Brian Timoney – it’s the Method Acting Boot Camp. I highly recommend it. I do a lot of other acting courses but this really opened my mind up and brought out emotions in me that nothing else ever has. I feel like I can go into my acting far more now in a realistic fashion. So thank you very much Brian.

Emma Sullivan

Hiya, my name’s Ashley Ross. I’ve just finished the three-day Boot Camp with Brian Timoney, and I have to say it is absolutely amazing. I would highly recommend it to anybody. I mean, I came on the coarse expecting it to be something absolutely outstanding – and it was even better! I honestly truly cannot stress how much I recommend this course to anybody. It really is such a big experience.

Ashley Ross

I’m Melinda Messenger and I’m a presenter and I’ve just done the Acting Course weekend and I’ve got to say, it absolutely blows your mind. I don’t know what I was expecting, but this was nothing like what I was expecting. It was hugely intense, hugely demanding and challenging but, because of that, completely rewarding, and you kind of come away with a feeling of, you understand a little bit of what it’s about, and you go to places that you didn’t actually think it was possible to get to. So I think it’s been a phenomenal weekend. I’d go as far as to say that it’s life-changing. So it’s definitely, definitely worth doing.

Melinda Messenger

I wasn’t really sure what to expect from this course, and I have to say Brian was a little bit scary at times, especially when you’re not concentrating – but it was amazing! And I actually think I’ve discovered that I can act. Or that I’ve got potential to learn how to act, which I never knew I had, so it’s definitely unearthed something in me. It’s really sparked a massive interest in acting, and I think I can use it in my presenting work as well, just to make things much more real. It’s a very valuable course and actually, I would say, possibly a life-changing experience even. That might sound a bit wanky but its true!

Jasmine Harman

My name’s Mark Griffin, and I’m an actor. I’ve been in Los Angeles about thirteen years and I’ve just returned to the UK to start, or resume, work over here, and the interesting thing is, I wasn’t sure who to go with, teaching-wise, coaching-wise, and then Brian’s name came up and there was a course, and it was just pretty incredible. I would highly recommend it. It takes you to places where, as an actor, you have to go, you know, and he takes you there and he’ll go there with you as well, and he’ll look after you while you’re there. So it’s a great environment and he’s a great teacher. He’s a good guy as well, and I’ve had the best time. It was a great weekend, it really was. Thank you.

Mark Griffin

My name’s Kelle Marie Walters and I thought the course was great! It was really informative, regarding method acting. It took me to lots of places I thought I could never go. I’ve definitely taken away different techniques that I can use now in different forms of acting, for stage and for film. The course – the two day course which I’ve just done – has given me a really in-depth, I would say, insight into what I would like to more do with method acting. I think I’ve just touched the surface with what I’ve done, but it’s been great to have that, and achieve what I’ve achieved, I think, in two days.

Kelle Marie Walters

I attended the three day Boot Camp at the end of August, I have looked into a lot of different acting courses but the boot camp seemed too offer everything I was looking for. I have always had a passion for acting but have lacked confidence in myself but felt that now was the time to face my fears and do it. During the boot camp I had an amazing experience. The teaching was excellent and Brian was very encouraging and gave me a lot of confidence. I found the class environment good and the approach was on a personal level. Brian showed interest in all individuals on the course and gave me great advice on the industry and useful feedback on my work. I would recommend the course to anyone who is serious about taking up acting. Many Thanks.

Hayley Thompson, Banbury, Oxon

I wanted to drop you an email to thank you again for a fantastic weekend on the three day method acting boot camp.

The boot camp proved to be a life-changing, eye-opening experience; and one which I will never forget. I feel that I learnt so much over the three days, and particularly enjoyed working with people with different levels of experience and different backgrounds. It provided the group with a great dynamic, and it was good to observe those with more experience than myself; something which – in a different environment – may have proved to be intimidating.

Perhaps the most marked experiences came about as a result of the intensity of the course, as it requires you to become so emotionally involved; due to this I feel that I have learned a huge amount about myself, even in such a short amount of time. As a complete beginner I truly feel that the three day acting boot camp has provided a solid starting block on which to base my future work, and has shaped how I will see acting from this point forward; for this I am extremely grateful!

For now I will continue to develop the skills I have begun to explore on the three day course.

Once again, many thanks for this opportunity!

Naomi Gordon, Northants

I have recently completed the three day method acting boot camp. I wanted to do an intensive course in method acting as I have been told that this style of acting would suit me. I have completed many part time acting courses over the last few years and I can honestly say that this course ranks as the best. The course is well structured, but the time went so quick that I wish the course was longer. Brian is an excellent teacher, demonstrating the method acting skills to use in a clear way and encouraging the students to try them out taking risks but remaining focused on believability in the performance. Brian showed us relaxation exercises to release tension and his feedback to me was to use these exercises regularly as they will help. I would like to thank Brian for being a great teacher and to wish him and Natalie every success for the future. I recommend this course for anyone interested in method acting.

Mark Williams, Gillingham, Kent

“I have just completed a three day ‘Introduction to Method Acting’ course; this was the best course I have ever been on, I feel finally that I am actually beginning to ‘get it’, if that makes any sense. I have been on loads of other acting courses and workshops but I have to say, this is the one! My only regrets are that firstly I didn’t discover it sooner and secondly it didn’t last longer. There is a lot more that I need to study about Method Acting but armed with what I learnt in three days I know that my concepts and approach to acting in the future will be following a totally different direction. If anyone is undecided about booking this course, don’t be, it is totally worth doing. I would just like to send my thanks to Brian and Natalie for a really illuminating and inspiring three days.”

Penelope Meakin, Cheshire

“I found the introduction to method acting course with Brian both educational and enlightening and I would recommend to any actor serious about the profession. I even found it useful in my current occupation which is in sales. Brian is a great tutor and I am looking forward to continuing my journey.”

Hassan Eltom, London, SW7

“Brian’s courses and tuition are excellent. The classes bring you so much more than just acting with a structured methodology that allows you to be believable. It begins to open up you and allows you to explore yourself. It can allow you to gain control and then allow you to bring to life the characters you play. I look forward to returning in the future and continuing my development. Thanks to Brian.”

Michael Archer, Ealing, London

“I attended Brian’s Method Acting Boot Camp, which changed my life. Searching thorough the websites I found Brian’s site about Method Acting. I had a great time in three days and enjoyed it so much – more than I thought possible. I learned things which I haven’t found on any other courses – it’s like you can see your whole future as a successful actor. I recommend Brian’s teachings if you want to dedicate yourself. Thank you so much Brian for showing me the path in my life and wish you success and happiness.”

George Ivan, Essex

“When I left Ireland over a year ago and before doing Brian`s Introduction to Method Acting Course I had very little experience of Acting whatsoever and if you said to me a year ago that I would be taking a Method Acting Course with Brian Timoney I would have said that you were mad in the head!!! But I would have been mad in the head if I didn’t do this course!!! Even before I booked the course I was for weeks thinking would I, or wouldn`t I?!!! Trust Me JUST DO IT!!! I can honestly say that it was the best experience of my life and I feel for the first time in my life that I have found someone who understands me and what road to take in my life! Brian is not just a teacher, He is much, much more that that! He understands people, honest, listens and knows what is best for you and an inspiration to all! If you want to be the best in Acting then Brian Timoney Method Acting courses are the way forward and to achieving the highest standards and reaching your dreams! I have only happy memories of Brian’s Course and a lot of laughter with everyone I got to meet on the course and I look forward to taking more courses with Brian Timoney in the future”

John O’Neill, Ireland

“I decided to come on the 3 day Method Boot Camp because I wanted to able to give my acting a more believable performance. I feel Brian has equipped me with the tools which will enable me to start giving my acting more believability. I was really happy with how much depth we went into with each exercise. I really noticed an increase in my confidence and ability just in the three days I spent with Brian. I look forward to hopefully learning more from Brian in the near future. I would describe my overall experience of the course as life changing, and would recommend any actor wanting to learn The Method to attend a course run by Brian. I just want to thank you for giving me a fantastic weekend and giving me back the enjoyment of acting.”

Marek Hollands, Nottingham

‘Not only does Brian take your acting to the next level during the Boot Camp, he also gives you the tools you’ll need to push yourself further and further after it’s finished. I attended the Boot Camp so that I could decide, once and for all, if acting was something I was merely going to dabble in or truly go after, 100%. I am happy to say that the latter has become true. I am a better actor for having worked with Brian and it is my sincere hope that the Boot Camp is merely the beginning of a long working relationship. The work is hard and the concentration required is intense, but the results are invaluable. I came away from the experience exhilarated, exhausted and inspired.’

Nicholas Cameron, London

First, I would like to thank you for the amazing three days experience I had at the theatre which were very powerful and intense. When I went to do the course I expected something completely different. I can’t stop thinking about those three days. I feel there is so much more to learn and do as they passed so fast! Method acting gave me the knowledge on how to express myself with liberty and no limits. You learn so much about yourself. I am looking forward in learning much more.

Anis Abou-Jaoude, North London

I just wanted to show my complete appreciation for working with you over the weekend. The boot camp course really does give a great introduction to Method acting and I believe I have learnt an awful lot of the 3 days and will continue to practice & develop the techniques that you have taught.

It was great to have so much input not just from yourself but I felt everyone got involved in the thought process to each character and technique.

I very much doubt that you need recognition for what is a fantastic course but I am truly grateful for the time and effort you give to promote the techniques of method acting. Once again, many thanks.

Gareth Evans, Manchester

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for an absolutely fabulous 3 days. I feel I’ve learnt so much in such a short time. I’m in a one off play in a few months; what I’ve learnt is going to help me so much. My whole view and take on acting has been turned around. I can already feel that I’m going to be turning in a much more professional performance. Thank you once again.

Mark Cainen, Carms, Wales

The acting bug has been with me since I was eight, I found the method system two years ago, apart from a book, I needed some form of direction, and I found that in Brian Timoney’s method acting boot camp November 2009. I was amazed that I found inspiration, gained knowledge through Brian and his highly experienced drama teachers all within three days. The setting for the course was situated in a working theatre, which I felt gave me creativity to perform, unlike many courses I have attended, drafty cold rooms spring to mind. The actors that attended this course were a delight to work with and very supportive in every way. I am now in the process of applying for the year long course, if you are a beginner or have some experience, training, then I highly recommend Brian Timoney’s method acting boot camp.

John Sheppard, Bristol

Just wanted to say a big thank you to both Brian and Natalie and the team for such an enlightening and enjoyable weekend spent on the boot camp.

Wow – what an amazing experience. I’m looking towards auditioning for the Oct 2010 Ultimate Acting Programme.

Thanks for the advice on hints and tips and also, direction.

Lee Robson, West London

Your course was wonderful, varied, informative and most enjoyable.

Jim Beaumont, Uxbridge, Middx

I have just returned home to Manchester after completing the 3-day Method Acting Bootcamp. I enjoyed it so much and feel really sad that the three days are over. The professionalism that was put into the planning of this course was second to none. We worked with different teachers over the three days, all of them offering different but equally inspiring lessons. We had the most wonderful rapport as a group and although it was seriously hard work we had a lot of fun whilst training. I have learned different and new skills to put into my acting and only hope that Brian decides to do more weekend bootcamps and workshops which I shall definitely attend.


The Boot Camp made for a fantastic weekend and the content was completely mind blowing. The energy in the room was electric.

There can be no doubt that it profoundly affected the attendees through its energy and positivity and made us realise we are only scratching the surface of our imaginations and abilities.

It will unquestionably have a lasting, life changing effect on our horizons and aspirations. Everybody who’s seriously considering an acting career should definitely attend it.

Reginald Green

” Brian Timoney’s Method Acting Boot Camp takes you places you never thought you could go. It left me inspired to keep going, keep exploring with no limits. Highly, highly recommended.

Irene Christopher

” OMG ! What an amazing, mind blowing three days. I learnt so much not just about the method, but about myself. I feel alive, I feel excited, I feel change….Brian says this is life changing……it absolutely is. It does everything it says on the tin and more. If you`re serious about making it in this craft then do one thing for yourself and sign up for bootcamp ASAP ! I met and worked with some amazing people. Thanks Brian, Natalie, Joe, Rob ,Joe, Emma and Anne Solomon. You are an incredible team. I wouldn`t have missed this for the world. Definitely applying for the one year course!

Moya Allen

” Attending Brian Timoney’s Boot Camp weekend was indeed great a roller coaster I will never forget the experience. I had super time and never experienced before! So big THANK YOU Brain and your great team!

Nanda Dorjpalam

This Bootcamp does everything it says on the tin and more! In fact there’s not room on the tin to let you know what you’ll gain from it! It is an ESSENTIAL part of the toolbox for not only aspiring actors but actors who have yet to discover the incredible power of the Method. Believe me, this is the only place in the UK that teaches it this way – other courses just touch on the techniques Brian and his amazing team share with you. I would also recommend this to TV presenters. Do this and really engage with your viewers! I cannot recommend this enough – I’m still letting everything I experienced fully integrate and I’m moving hell and high water to be part of the Ultimate Acting year long programme! See more

Jacqueline Sampson

Absolutely worth the time and effort! There were so many elements and surprises I did not predict and I’m glad they happened. I felt welcomed even amongst a group of strangers who are not strangers anymore.

Many cheers towards the talented, patient and charismatic crew behind this boot camp.

With their help, I saw a view on Method Acting that I hardly saw before.

Everyone has been amazing and show… great skill. I happily wish all the best of luck and that there is always a future worth fighting for.

As for me while I would not be able to afford the upcoming course, I ain’t giving up and still willing to go the distance and be the man I was meant to be.

As for everyone reading this and thinking of joining in, come right in. An experience like no other and a window into a new world.

Chris Haddock

After finishing Brian Timoney’s Method Acting Bootcamp, I can safely say I have never felt more enlightened and positive than I do now – and I plan to keep it up. I truly had the best and most inspiring weekend of my life. Attending was the best decision I have made, I feel privileged to have met and worked with such an incredible group of people and teachers.

This experience will be with me forever and it has made me even more passionate and determined to go for it! Follow your hearts… 🙂 Thank you everyone who made the weekend so special. I will never forget this emotional journey.

Brian Timoney’s Boot Camp is a wonderfully energizing mind, body and heart experience!

With the best acting masters who with a holistic approach tailored just for You, will teach you how to feel completely at ease with the uncomfortable, to learn to accept and love your fears and imperfections, as well as your strengths and help others to do so, too! Priceless Experience!!

Exciting, Refreshing, Fun, Educational… Everybody should do it!

Big Thank You to Brian and the Team, you amazing people! Look forward to seeing you all very soon.

Edita Sllamniku

Attending Brian Timoney’s Boot Camp weekend was the best decision I’ve EVER made in my life. It truly is remarkable just how much I learnt over a period of 3 days about method acting, the industry, and myself. It was also SO refreshing pursuing my passion with a group of incredible, open, like-minded people, and having fantastic guidance simultaneously. Brian and his team don’t just teach us as a …group: each and every one of them takes an individual interest in everyone who attends. I would like to thank Brian, Natalie, Joe, Robbie, Johnny and Emma who made this weekend the best weekend of my life!

Anyone considering applying, just go for it! It truly is an awaking, life-changing experience that you will NEVER regret taking part in!

Sarah Molkenthin

” Amazing! Huge thanks to the Team – so professional, fun, supportive, challenging and inspiring. A really transformational experience – from absolute nervous newbie, to living, breathing immersion in an acting scene two days later – really, really astounding. The process is a complete roller coaster; highs, lows, excitement, fears, fun, but it works a dream. Added to that a room full of like-minded, brave people and it stands out as a remarkable experience. The most alive I’ve felt in years – I can’t recommend this highly enough.

Maria Huntsman

The boot camp was different it gave me an insight of the industry. The camp stresses as to what an actor needs to get there. It’s good; I would recommend to give it a shot, whoever is thinking about acting. Something to learn.

Roshan Padmarajaiah

I was so excited about the three day method acting boot camp, but still didn’t expect it to be quite what it was – after all, it was only three days, right?!!! Wow, the most I have gotten out of three days, EVER! Excuse the cliché but it was probably the most intense awakening of my life and in so many respects. Without a doubt it gave me the deepest insight into what good, real acting is all about… this went way beyond any training I’ve had. Using a whole host of creative methods and sometimes without you even knowing it, Brian and his brilliant team teach you how to really ‘live in the moment’. A transformatory approach to acting training, Brian’s unique approach forces you to understand how to act believably. If this is what I can learn in just three days, I would love to see what can be learnt in a year! Highly recommended to anyone committed and with a passion, you absolutely won’t regret it.

Katharine Slocombe

I would like to say a big thanks to Brian, Natalie, Rob, Joe, Emma and the rest of the team behind the scenes. I would highly recommend the boot camp to anyone who is serious about becoming a professional actor!!! Simply put it has been 3 days that have really changed my life and given me even more belief that I will become a professional actor. Looking forward to the audition and the next step of my acting journey.

Charles Ford

I loved it!

This course is for everyone who would like to learn method acting and is willing to give it all! The team is outstanding and will help you achieve things you never thought you were capable of!

The energy I got from the course is incredible and I can’t wait and am truly hoping for the opportunity to continue the journey with the 1 year Ultimate Acting Course! Sign up for it – you will not regret it!

Eva Rossmar

I had a fantastic time at the”Brian Timoney Acting Bootcamp” I learned a lot. The environment and the people were all friendly. The coaches were amazing. I did things I didn’t think I could. I had so much fun, I felt like a child at school being let out into the playground at play time, yipppeeeee. I’m ready to go all the way to the top with Brian’s coaching. I didn’t feel uncomfortable at all. I felt truly at home. As my mum would say like “hand to glove” The perfect fit in my life. Thank you Brian, and your wonderful team. I look forward to seeing you all again really soon. xx

Angela Walters-Kitone

Whilst I was at uni I thought I thought I had reached my limits of acting and they quite frankly were not up to a good standard, but with just three days with Brian and his team, his intro to method acting breathed new life into my passion and will to get better, I’ve learnt 200% more with Brian then on any university course can do in three years.

James Wishmaster Banks

I’d just like to say a massive thank you to Brian Timoney and the team. As a beginner I joined the course with zero experience in acting and I found the Intro to Method Acting Boot Camp completely surreal and mind blowing. It has opened my eyes and really tested me to the limit of my potential of being an actor. I have met some brilliant like-minded people on this course and I feel extremely lucky… to be part of it. It felt as if we are all one big happy family. I didn’t feel out of place not one bit. It was a pleasure working with you all. I was amazed how much you can learn in 3 days! I learned so much on this course on how to connect with your emotions on a much deeper level, that it is ok to let go of your emotions despite what people think, and to understand how to just stop acting and go with what feels natural from your soul to try to achieve a greater degree of realism and ‘truth.’ I now feel more confident, ready to take on challenges, positive and determined to do the things that I want to do in life. I am still buzzing with excitement and smiling like a cheshire cat and I can’t stop talking about it to my friends and family. The coaches are second to none and are really committed and passionate to bringing out the best in people and sharing the awesome techniques on what it takes to be a professional actor. In particular I’d like to thank Joe Ferrara for your constructive criticism and inspiration. I’ve taken shoe throwing to heart 😉 . I highly recommend to anyone who is serious about becoming a successful actor to apply. Don’t dither about whether you should apply or not. Just do it! You’ll love it and won’t regret it! Thank you again Brian for everything and I hope to work with your team sometime in the near future! Best Wishes, Kimberley Wong xxx

Kim Wong

Just want to say that after doing the method acting bootcamp over the last three days, I have never felt so inspired and driven to go for what I want. When it was said it is life changing it goes above and beyond those words! The passion the teachers had for method acting seriously rubbed off and I can’t stop talking about it and it feels amazing to believe in something so much. Since the course I …feel like everything has just fallen into place, my eyes have been opened and my soul has been awakened to be committed to becoming a successful actor. I couldn’t feel like this if it wasn’t for the bootcamp and their techniques! I really look forward to auditioning for the ultimate acting programme and continue my life in a positive way. I feel the luckiest person in the world to have worked with such phenomenal people! Thank you for everything! All my love evie turner xxx

Evie Turner

Attending Brian Timoney’s Boot Camp weekend was the best decision I’ve EVER made in my life. It truly is remarkable just how much I learnt over a period of 3 days about method acting, the industry, and myself. It was also SO refreshing pursuing my passion with a group of incredible, open, like-minded people, and having fantastic guidance simultaneously. Brian and his team don’t just teach us as a …group: each and every one of them takes an individual interest in everyone who attends. I would like to thank Brian, Natalie, Joe, Robbie, Johnny and Emma who made this weekend the best weekend of my life!

Anyone considering applying, just go for it! It truly is an awaking, life-changing experience that you will NEVER regret taking part in!

Lauren Willis