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LA Casting

LA Casting – How It Works

  For many aspiring professional actors, moving to LA and getting your big break is the ultimate dream. For others, it’s just another potential opportunity worth being open to. Either way, if you are planning on heading to LA for … Read More


Acting showreel

Acting Showreels – Lessons Learned

  A professional actor’s showreel is one of their most powerful tools for landing auditions and getting work. Alongside your actor’s CV and your headshots, a well put together acting showreel is absolutely indispensable and if you haven’t got one … Read More


Sheridan Smith – Method Actor?

Ever since she first burst on to our screens as Anthony’s girlfriend in the Royle Family in 1998, Sheridan Smith has been captivating audiences with her endearingly believable performances. Sheridan’s career has gone from strength to strength over the past … Read More


meeting directors

Meeting Directors: What NOT To Do

  From casting directors to big-time movie directors, all of them hold your fate in their hands, and all of them need impressing. But how do you make an impact when there are already so many actors out there whose … Read More


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Marketing for Actors: How to Do It Right

  To develop a successful professional acting career, you have to know how to effectively promote yourself. In effect, you can think of yourself as a one-person business where the commodity you are selling is your acting ability. No business … Read More