Step One

Check Your Email Inbox For Access To The App

Learnistic App -  The App You Will Download To Access The ContentLearnistic App – The App You Will Download To Access The Content

You will receive an email in the next 15 minutes from a company called “Learnistic” explaining how to gain access to the Brian Timoney Actors Studio content.

Learnistic provides the app technology we use to host our own app within their app, which is why you will get an email from them taking you the very simple access process.

When you get the email, click Register:

Step Two

Click “Register” In The Learnistic Email

Click the link Register button in the email and it will take you to this American chap below. He’s a lovely guy from Learnistic requesting you to enter your mobile number so that we can send you a link to download the app and a unique code to access it.



Step Three

Download The Learnistic App

Download the Learnistic App and enter your unique code and bosh, you will get access to all the lovely Brian Timoney Actors Studio acting content via the Learnistic App.