Acting Deadly Sin #1 – The worst way to learn lines (which should be avoided at all costs.)

Most people think learning lines is just a matter to looking at the line, trying to remember it, then say it how you think it should be said.
This is the single worst way to learn lines.

The reason being as the actor learns them they deliberately or unconsciously start to say the lines, they way they think they should be in performance.

If they think the character is angry, they say the line with anger as they start to learn the lines. Basically, they interpret the line as they learn it.
Big mistake. Huge mistake.

The end result is the actor says them they way they learned them, which leaves no room for organic, in the moment, alive work.
Now, you may think, well even if I did interpret it as I learned it I could still change it.

You would think, but after long hours of repeating the lines with the same interpretation, it’s often impossible to get the actor to shift out of this. Unconsciously they drilled it into themselves and even if they do manage to make some adjustments they are usually very superficial and not sincerely felt.

So what is the answer?

A discovery made by a chap called Nikolai Demidov in Russia in the early 1900s. His work was suppressed by the Russian government for decades, because his work conflicted with that of his friend and colleague, Konstantin Stanislavski, who at the time was a world famous acting teacher. It would have looked bad if someone contradicted him.

Anyway, Demidov, made a fantastic and simple discovery that makes the learning of lines, simple, easy, and pure. When you learn them they will be unaffected by pre-interpretation making easy for you to change and move in any direction that you need to move it to make your work, organic, spontaneous and alive.

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Brian Timoney
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